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The supplement warehouse is the only choice for where to buy your discount bodybuilding supplements, such as protein, creatine, fat burners and pre workouts. There are a number of reasons for this, but it basically comes down to selection, convenience and price. In all three of these major categories, the supplement warehouse wins out over the supermarket, the chemist and the walk-in supplement shop, and it is a wonder why supplement warehouses aren’t the only place you can buy bodybuilding and sports supplements anymore.

When we talk about a supplement warehouse, we are primarily talking about an online supplement store, which retails all forms of bodybuilding and sports supplements to the public. They may have a physical location, or they may just ship their products from a warehouse, but either way, the public will be saving money and time by using their services.


Supplement Warehouse – Selection



The selection of products available in a supplement warehouse, particularly an online supplement warehouse, is far superior to that of a retail store.  They are able to stock far more products, and display far more products than a physical store, and the benefits of that is a fantastic selection that customers can use to make their best possible decision when it comes to supplementation.

The first reason why the supplement warehouse will have a superior selection of products to the retail store, is due to space constraints. A retail store, chemist or supermarket is confined to the space in which it is renting. A retail supplement store is generally the smallest of the three, and seeing a 30 square metre store is not uncommon these days. What this means is that the entirety of the space is filled with shelving, and the more brands they stock, the less range of sizes and flavours they are able to have on hand. A retail store generally looks cluttered due to the concentration of these products and it can be harder to find a product in that sort of environment. For a chemist or supermarket, the space dedicated to supplements is often even smaller! There is no way they could have a good range of products in such a small space. The supplement warehouse, on the other hand, has no such trouble! Because they are in warehouses (as the name suggests…) they are built to stock huge amounts of products. They don’t need to be carefully displayed as with a retail store – instead they are kept in high quantities and stacked to the ceiling! If they run out of space, it is much easier to move to a bigger warehouse than it is for a retail store to rent out a bigger space.

The second reason why a supplement warehouse will have a greater product selection than a smaller retail store, chemist or supermarket is that their display ability is infinite. What we mean by that, is that while the retail store has, say 200 spaces on its’ shelves for different products, the online supplement warehouse has an unlimited number of web pages available to showcase its’ products. The supplement warehouse can have literally every single bodybuilding supplement currently for sale, and still have display space (web pages) available for every new item that comes out. Can a retail store do that?


Supplement Warehouse – Convenience


Buying your protein, creatine, pre workout, fat burners and amino acids from a physical location is far less convenient than using an online supplement warehouse. For one thing, carrying all that stuff every week or month is a pain! But on top of that, it can be an all-day task shopping for your supplements and bringing them home.

If you work during the week like most people, you can only go shopping on the weekends, like most people. See where we’re going with this? Everyone and his dog is shopping on Saturday and Sunday, so you have to be pretty brave to go and join the queues and the madhouse to fetch your much needed supps. It’s especially frustrating to buy from a small store which is pretty popular – if you have five customers in there it’s going to be nearly impossible to move – especially if they’re midway through their bulking phase.

So you decide to brave the crowds and the traffic and go to the physical supplement store to buy your products, but they are out of stock of the protein you like. It’s not as simple as clicking through to another website, or sending a ‘notify me when back in stock’ email – you will have to leave the store with a different product or no product altogether. The chances of a little store with a small storage area being out of stock is much higher than a supplement warehouse with a huge stock room!

Even if your local supplement shop is well stocked, you have to battle with choosing the supplements you want whilst dealing with crowds of people, annoying shop clerks, closing times, parking meters and everything else that comes with shopping. Dragging upwards of 10kg of supplements to your car/to the bus stop is never going to be fun either. So why put yourself through that?

Buying from an online supplement warehouse is quick and simple. Log on to the website, select the items, enter your credit card details, and wait for the delivery. You can do this from the comfort of your home or workplace, with no distractions, no annoyances, no heavy lifting, and you have a much better guarantee that the products you want will be in stock, fresh and ready to ship! What’s more is that if the supplement warehouse is located in the same capital city as you, there is a chance that you will receive your delivery the same day! That is truly convenient.


Supplement Warehouse – Price



If convenience and selection are not good enough reasons to shop at an online supplement warehouse, then price certainly will be. Where you might pay full RRP for your protein or pre workout in a physical shop, a good supplement warehouse offers insanely cheap prices, often lower than wholesale!  This is because they don’t have to pay huge rents, like physical stores in major shopping centres. This is also because they purchase in bulk, earning maximum discounts from their suppliers. This is also because they have much fewer staff than a retail location. Finally, this is also because they occupy larger spaces, filling those spaces with more products and reducing their overall cost per item.

Generally, you will find your local supplement shop charging recommended retail prices, and possibly offering discounts of 10-15% off those prices for large purchases or during sale periods. The online supplement warehouse has so much competition for sales that it cannot afford to charge such high prices. It will generally be 30% off recommended retail price, coming down even further for specials or when overstocked. This can mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars of savings over the course of a year!


It’s clear that the supplement warehouse is the ideal place to purchase your bodybuilding and sports supplements. It simply cannot be beaten for range of products, for convenience and for price, and therefore the trend of avid gym junkies buying from supplement warehouses is increasing, and will do so for years to come.

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